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Fired? Then Move On: The Story of Seven Ex-Google Employees Building a New Firm

Seven former Google employees have come together to build their own startup after being fired by the tech giant. The new company, named "Departure," aims to build a more equitable workplace and provide an inclusive environment for employees from diverse backgrounds.

The seven employees had all previously worked for Google's ethical AI team, which had been embroiled in controversy in recent years. The team had raised concerns about the ethical implications of some of Google's projects, including its work with the US military and its censored search engine in China.

The team had also been vocal about issues of diversity and inclusion within Google, and had criticized the company's handling of sexual harassment claims. This led to the firing of several team members, including the seven who have now come together to form Departure.

The new company aims to provide a more equitable workplace, with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and ethical practices. Departure plans to offer consulting services to companies looking to build more ethical and inclusive workplaces, as well as developing its own products and services.

The founders of Departure have stated that they want to build a company that is focused on its employees, rather than just its bottom line. They plan to offer a more supportive work environment, with better benefits and more flexible working arrangements.

The company has already raised $3 million in funding from a number of prominent investors, including the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and the co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom.

The launch of Departure comes at a time when there is a growing demand for ethical and inclusive workplaces, particularly in the tech industry. Many companies have come under fire in recent years for their lack of diversity and inclusion, as well as their handling of sensitive issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination.

In conclusion, the story of Departure is an inspiring example of how individuals can come together to build a company that is focused on creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace. The seven ex-Google employees who founded Departure have taken their experiences and turned them into an opportunity to build something better, and in doing so, they have become role models for others looking to build a more ethical and inclusive world.

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