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Ravindranath Tagore - Biography

Rabindranath Tagore
Death: 17-08-1941

Name Rabindranath Tagore
Date of Birth 07th May, 1861
Address culcutta
Father's Name Debendranath Tagore
Mother's Name Sarada Devi
Wife's Name Marinalini Devi
Profession Writer and Freedom Fighter
Death 07th August, 1941


Rabindra Tagore was born on May7,1861 in culcutta as the youngest son of Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Devi. Dwarkanath Tagore was the grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore and he was a rich land loard and social reformer.Debendranath Tagore was the leader of Bhrama Samaj. Rabindranath Tagore oldest’s brother Dwijendranath was a philosopher and poet and another brother,Satendranath Tagore ,was the first Indian appointed to formerly all European Indian Civil Service. Another brother Jyotitindranth, was a musician composer , and playwright. His sister Swarnakumari became a novelist. Education: Rabindranath Tagore had did initial education in Oriental Seminary School. But Rabinranath Tagore didn’t like the conventional education and started education at home under several teachers. Rabindranath Tagore was mostly trained by his siblings both in literary as well as physical activities like gymnastics and martial arts. He was a child devilment when it comes to writing as he had started writing and publishing poetry by the age of 8. At the age of 11 in 1873 he and his father left culcutta to tour India for several months. Rabindranath Tagore visited his father’s Santiniketan estate and Amritsar before reaching the Himalayan hill station of Dalhousie where he read biographies, studied histories, astronomy, modern science, and Sanskrit, and examined the classical poetry of kalidassa. At the age of 17 he was sent to the England for formal law schooling but Rabindranath Tagore didn’t finished his study there. He took up Independent studies of William Shakespeare. Rabindranath return from the England in 1880 and regularly published poems, stories, and novels in Bengali, slowly to transfer Bengali Literature. In 1883 , Rabindranath Tagore married with Marinalini Devi, a child bride as was the tradition in those times.


In 1902 Rabindranath Tagore moved to Santiniketan ashram where he started an school based on traditional GURU-SHISYA teaching method from the Upanishad. His wife and Two of his children were died during this time which left him alone. Rabindranath Tagore write many books after returning from England when he moved in Santiniketan like poetry, stories and novels. In 1909, Rabindranath started writing Gitanjali. In 1912 ,Rabindranath went to Europe for the second time . In 1915, Rabindranath Tagore was awarded by the Knighthood By the King George V. TAGORE IN 


Rabindranath Tagore Participate in the independence movement from time to time, though his own non- sentimental and visionary way. Mahatma Gandhi the Political father of India was the devoted friend of Rabindranath Tagore . Rabindranath Tagore strongly protest against the division of Bengal in two parts in 1905. Rabindranath Tagore Wrote many National song and attend the protest meetings. In 1921, Rabindranath Tagore established Vishwabharti University and gave all his money from Nobel prize and Royalty money from his books to this University. In 1940, Oxford University arranged a ceremony in Shantiniketan and awarded Rabindranath with a Doctorate of Literature. 

 Rabindranath Tagore poetry are given below: 
  •  Manasi,1890(The Ideal One). 
  • Sonar, 1984(The Golden Boat). 
  • Gitanjali, 1910(Song offering). 
  • Gitimalya,1914(Wreath of songs). 
  •  Balaka, 1916(The Flight Of Cranes). 
The Rabindranath Tagore Major plays are given below: 
  •  Raja, 1990 (The King Of The Dark Chamber).
  •  Dakghar, 1912 (The Post Office). 
  • Achalayatan, 1912 (The Immovable). 
  •  Muktadhara, 1922 (The Waterfall). 
  •  Raktakaravi, 1926 (Red Oleanders). 
 Short stories and Plays
  •  Gora, 1910. 
  •  Ghare-Baire, 1916 (The Home And The World). 
  •  Yogayog, 1929(Crosscurrents). 
Rabindranath Tagore also plays the title role in his first original dramatic piece-Valmiki Pratibha.



After an extended period of suffering, Rabindranath Tagore died on 07th August, 1941, in the same mansion in which he was brought up.

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